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Palestinian Authority: Any Palestinian to Participate in Manama Conference will be Collaborator with Israelis and Americans

2019-05-21 - 3:08 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Palestinian National Authority refused to take part in the US-led economic conference to be held in Bahrain as a first step in the implementation of its new Middle East peace plan known as the "Deal of the Century".

"There will be no Palestinian participants in the workshop in Manama," Ahmed Majdalani, the Minister of Social Development in the Palestinian government and a member of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), told Reuters. "Any Palestinian attending the conference will be deemed a collaborator with the Americans and Israel."

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry issued a statement in which it commented on the United States' announcement that the workshop will be held in Manama in June to encourage investment in the Palestinian territories, accusing the US of shifting the conflict from its political frame to a religious one under an economic guise.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry pointed out that most of the elements of the "Deal of the Century" had been implemented without any cost in a consensus between the teams of US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to establish "a gradual resolution of all issues unilaterally and in favor of the occupation [forces]."

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry reiterated its assertion that "there is no economic peace without political peace based on adopted international foundations"

The White House announced the initiative of the conference, which will be held in Manama in June, and attended by finance ministers of several countries in the Middle East, and a number of prominent businessmen in the region.

Washington has yet to reveal the most important points in this so-called "Deal of the Century" regarding border issues as well as Al-Quds and security, and whether the Palestinians will be allowed to establish their own state.


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