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Bahrain's Seeking to Host "Deal of the Century" is Great Betrayal to Jerusalem and Palestine: Al-Wefaq

2019-05-21 - 2:02 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society declared that the deal of selling Jerusalem and Palestine is a great betrayal and the fact that the regime is seeking to host the deal is a violation of all national, Islamic and humanitarian principles and a complete negligence of responsibility.

The United States declared that the White House will announce the first part of the so-called "Deal of the Century", which will include what US officials call an economic "workshop" to attract investments to the West Bank, Gaza and the region, and it will be held in Bahrain in June.

The society confirmed that "all the people of Bahrain, with all components, absolutely reject defiling Bahrain and turning it into a station to sign a new version of the Balfour Declaration under different names and establish criminal projects of a terrorist-colonial nature to seize the Muslims' first Qibla and displace Arab peoples for the malicious Zionist entity's sake."

Al-Wefaq said that "it is not strange for the Bahraini regime to contribute to any project like that because it pays no attention to the issues of the nation and it neglects all the Arab and Islamic commitments," adding that "the shameful acts of hosting the Zionists weeks ago, through deep secret coordination, is only an introduction to reach this complete collapse and contribute to supporting, nurturing and embracing the Zionist project at the expense of the first cause of the Arabs and Muslims."

It confirmed that "the Bahraini regime does not have the slightest legitimacy to act in the name of Bahrain and accept to host this disastrous project, adding that its recent moves to cling to the Zionists are due to the loss of popular legitimacy and due to being isolated from its people, which has driven it to try to establish its legitimacy through external support even if it was at the expense of giving away the nation's sanctities and values."

Al-Wefaq called on all the peoples of the nation and their free governments, all parties, associations and the masses to take serious action to reject and prevent this dangerous development and hold those who have organized and supported it accountable.

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