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Bahrain Bar Society, Bahrain Press Association Call on Authorities to Release Lawyer Abdullah Hachem

2019-05-17 - 8:09 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain Bar Society called to release lawyer Abdullah Hachem, indicating that it met public prosecutor Khalid Al-Buainain and submitted a letter to him in this regard.

It said in a statement that it had requested the release of the arrested colleague with any guarantee the prosecution wants. Besides, the attorney-general of Abdullah Hashim filed a grievance against the detention order.

The society affirmed its full solidarity with the arrested colleague and pledged to stand by him until he gets freed. It also said that it will defend him before the prosecution, the court or any judicial authority.

Bahrain Press Association called on the Bahraini authorities to immediately release Hachem and guarantee his personal safety and his right of expressing his opinion.

It considered Hachem's arrest arbitrary and a dedication to the state's silencing policy and the siege of journalists and activists on social media outlets. This confirms that the freedom of opinion and expression is not tolerated in Bahrain.

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