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Unemployed High Degree Holders 5028, 1809 Foreigners in Medical Jobs

2019-05-14 - 11:00 p

Bahrain Mirror: Head of the Bahraini Parliamentary Inquiry committee MP Ibrahim Al-Nafei revealed that the competent parties didn't Bahrainize jobs in the public and private sectors. The MP said that the requests of unemployed high degree holders in the Ministry of works and social affairs reached 5028 in 2018, while 612 requests were closed in the same year.

He noted that the number of foreigners in the education sector is 4288 and in the medical jobs is 1809. He added that there are 675 foreigners in the technical jobs as well as 700 in engineering jobs.

The MP said that the committee decided to summon the Minister of Works and Social Affairs and the president of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority to attend the following meeting in order to ask them about the percentage of Bahrainization in the private sector and the damage caused to the labour market due to the flexible visa.

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