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Cassation Court Upholds 10-Year Verdict against Amal Society Leader Khalil Al-Halwachi

2019-05-07 - 10:37 am

Bahrain Mirror: The cassation court upheld on Monday (May 6, 2019) a 10-year jail term against Amal society leader.

Deputy head of the European-Bahraini Organization for Human Rights (EBOHR) Fatima Al-Halwachi, daughter of Khalil Al-Halwachi, said "the cassation court rejected the submitted appeals and upheld a 10-year jail term against my father. Thus, the verdict is considered final."

The authorities accused Al-Halwachi of acquiring arms, however, he denied this charge. His daughter has earlier said in a letter to the President of the European Parliament that the Bahraini authorities fabricated the charge against her father.

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