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Employees with Temporary Contracts in Gov't Sector Dropped 80% in One Year

2019-05-04 - 7:17 p

Bahrain Mirror: An official statistics from the Civil Service Bureau revealed that the number of employees with temporary contracts in the government sector in 2019 reached 302 employees, although it has earlier mentioned that the number of government employees with temporary contracts is only 29.

The statistics showed that the employees are distributed as following: 45 employees in University of Bahrain, 44 in Health Ministry, 35 in Education Ministry, 27 in Electricity and Water Authority, 19 in the administrative body in the Public Prosecution, 19 in Ministry of Works and Municipalities, and 17 in Ministry of Communication and Transportations.  

According to this statistic, the number of employees with temporary contracts dropped 80% in 2019 compared to 2018, where the number of employees was 1302 last year and 302 this year.

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