Lowest of the Low Gathered in Entrepreneurship Congress in Bahrain

2019-04-30 - 4:08 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): This was it. The fears Bahrainis had were not misplaced. When two regimes that are rooted in lies and deceit, such as the Bahraini and Zionist regimes, gather, nothing can be expected other than what took place. They are two sides of the same coin of abjectness.

Bahrainis expected this ploy, that the news of the Zionist delegation cancelation of their visit to Bahrain was a mere media trick to deviate the public opinion from the congress and allow the delegation to enter the country and reside in it without any uproar that would irritate the normalization congress, held in Manama in mid-April amid wide popular outrage against the participation of this delegation.

Reuters news agency fell for this trick by publishing the leaked false news about the cancellation of the delegation's participation, while the participation schedule remained unchanged, and the name of the Israeli spokeswoman remained on the Conference page. This prompted Bahrainis to raise questions at that time, before they were certain that the delegation entered Bahrain secretly, and indeed participated in the congress, amid the silence of all Bahraini parties.

However, as much as the Bahraini regime tried to conceal this, the Israelis exposed it. Diplomatic correspondent Barak Ravid revealed that an Israeli official told him that the delegation had held a series of meetings on the sidelines of the visit. Meanwhile, Israel Radio correspondent Simon Aran published photos and a video of the delegation in Manama and mentioned that an independent delegation of Israeli businessmen also participated in the congress.

Meanwhile, CEO of the Zionist Gulf Red Med Ami Marom published a number of photos and videos showing himself in different areas in Bahrain. He was keen to reveal the huge welcome he received during this visit by the Bahraini government with the rest of the Zionists, especially when he bragged that the Bahraini government paid 500$ for a dinner he had, which approximately equals to 200 BD; i.e. a monthly income of a Bahraini family.

If this was the amount paid for the dinner of one person from the participating delegation, one can imagine the huge amounts paid on the entire delegation and the rest of the participants throughout the congress days. All the luxurious restaurants in Al-Adliya area were booked on the second day of the congress (April 16, 2019) for the Zionist delegation as well as the participants of the Conference (the Pioneers of Normalization). People were prevented from entering the area or approaching it amid extensive security measures.

A video published by an Israeli proving that he was able to enter Bahrain




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