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Iraqi Foreign Ministry Condemns Statements of Bahraini Foreign Minister, Demands Official Apology from Manama

2019-04-28 - 5:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Foreign Ministry expresses its condemnation of the statements made by Foreign Minister of Bahrain in reply to Moqtada Al-Sadr's statement, demanding Bahrain to officially apologize for the Bahraini Foreign Ministry's insults.

The statement said "The words of the Bahraini Foreign Minister represent Bahraini diplomacy and offend Sayed Moqtada Al-Sadr with offensive words. They are totally unacceptable in diplomatic practice. They also harm Iraq, its sovereignty and independence, especially when the Bahraini Minister speaks of Iraq being under the control of neighboring Iran."

It added "Iraq, which has defeated ISIS [Da'esh], while all other armies failed to defeat it in other areas is capable of defending its freedom and independence. Everyone must know their limits, abide by facts, and have diplomatic flexibility. Today, Iraq is recovering, strengthening, and will not accept any interference in its affairs, nor will it accept any abuse of it, or to its national and religious symbols, no matter how their views vary."

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry called upon the State of Bahrain to apologize officially for the misuse of its Foreign Minister for Iraq, stressing that Iraq "does not accept in any way from a country that Iraq considers brotherly and hosts its embassy in Baghdad a stance that provokes and detracts from Iraq's sovereignty and independence and accuses it of being under the control of any country."

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