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Egyptian Legal Advisor Turns BCCI General Assembly Meeting to Brawl after Insulting Shiites

2019-04-27 - 4:16 am

Bahrain Mirror: The meeting of general assembly of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI witnessed a hand fight between a group of merchants and an Egyptian legal advisor after he made derogatory remarks following an argument between the two parties.

The advisor directed insults at the Shiite community, after which a fight broke out between a number of attendees and the advisor, who then said even more offensive words. The Al-Bilad newspaper published a video documenting the incident, which received massive interaction and popular outrage. After news spread that the advisor was representing the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry responded with an official statement, saying that "it must be noticed that the inappropriate words and the shameful actions of one of the attendees has nothing to do with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and tourism, as these actions were carried out by the personal legal advisor of the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which has nothing to do with the ministry at all."

The President of the Chamber, Samir Nass, issued an official statement, in which he expressed "regret at the incidents that took place at the beginning of the meeting, stressing that what happened does not represent the chamber in any way and does not represent him personally, highlighting that who caused these events is not related to the Chamber in any way." Nass affirmed his complete rejection of such actions, and expressed his apologies for the unfortunate events.

Al-Wefaq Society issued a statement in which it stated that no one will dare to do such a thing if it were not a part of the regime's project and planning. It also said this is such a blatant crime and encroachment on the citizens' doctrines.

A number of MPs demanded that the legal advisor who raised the problem be punished, and MP Ghazi Al Rahma said, "This ruffian, who insulted a major component in Bahrain at the meeting of the Chamber, has no place between us. Anyone who provokes sedition is unwelcomed in the kingdom. Fire him immediately."

MP Hamad Al-Kooheji demanded the imprisonment of the Egyptian advisor before deporting him.

MP Ibrahim Al-Nafaie commented saying that "the legal advisor's contract must be terminated, he must be held accountable and replaced with national competence."

Meanwhile, Adel Al-A'asumi called for holding the legal advisor accountable and deporting him. MP Kulthum Al-Hayiki said "the legal advisor must be held accountable for fomenting sectarian strife."

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