Editorial: The Doomed Silence on Saudi Arabia

2019-04-25 - 4:39 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Is it possible for anyone in this world to break free from the Saudi oil and money enslavement for one day only, breaking the doomed silence and separating from the herd to shout in the ears of the rest?

36 citizens were executed by sword and a firing squad. One of those who received the death sentence was Khaled Abdulkreem Al-Tuwaijri, who was executed and then crucified, reminiscent of the brutal ways of the Middle Ages. The majority of the executed were Shiites.

They say that Saudi Arabia under Bin Salman's rule is re-discovering itself. Does the world really need today to know what this Saudi state is? The answer is in blood, in the actions it committed yesterday, and in the destruction it brought upon Al-Masura neighborhood in Al-Awamiya two years ago. It is the founding emblem of the state in 1745 "blood by blood and destruction by destruction". Did the world need to see a complete massacre officially carried out by a state in this world we live in today? The Saudi authorities have caused a tragedy in dozens if not hundreds of homes as well as thousands of hearts after the executions carried out on April 23, 2019 under the guise of the death penalty.

The state that has been established based on Takfeer, hatred and inhumanity- the rule of the sword, cruelty and monstrosity, and the state that has spread sectarianism and hatred in the world, remains unchanged. Dissidents in this state have been killed by sword, and various sects who disagreed with it have been annihilated by sword and gunfire.

The sword-bearers, the gravediggers, the kings of darkness, who have chopped a journalist's body to pieces for disagreeing with them, who have committed one crime after the other, being certain that they will be safe from any punishment, the Saudi kings, the lords of oil, are a red line in this world, while human beings and their blood have no worth.

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