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Army Topples Al-Bashir, Bahrain Supports Maintaining Sudan's Security

2019-04-12 - 2:13 p

Bahrain Mirror: President Omar Al-Bashir, who ruled Sudan for 30 years, was overthrown by the Sudanese army that said Al-Bashir is arrested in a safe place.

The army announced a two-year period of military rule to be followed by elections.

Defence Minister Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf announced a three-month state of emergency, a nationwide ceasefire and the suspension of the constitution. He also said Sudan's air space would be closed for 24 hours and border crossings shut until further notice. All of Sudan's government institutions, including the National Assembly and national council of ministers, have been dissolved, Ibn Auf added.

The Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it is closely following up the current developments in the Republic of Sudan, stressing its firm stance on supporting the preservation of its sovereignty, security and stability in the interest of the Sudanese people.

Whilst the Kingdom of Bahrain stands by the Republic of Sudan, it hopefully looks forward to overcoming this crucial period, the statement read.

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