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House of Representatives Passes Death Penalty against Molotov Users

2019-04-10 - 4:55 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini House of Representatives approved in its session on Tuesday (April 9, 2019) toughening the punishment against those who use Molotov cocktails to death penalty.



The House of Representatives chaired by Fawzia Zainal approved amendments to punish everyone who distributes or uses Molotov cocktails or detonates an explosive to “a period not exceeding 8 years in prison” or life sentence or temporal prison term not less than 10 years if using the Molotov cocktails caused a permanent impairment and to death penalty or life in prison if it caused the death of a citizen. The amendments were referred to the Shura Council.

Ammar Al-Banai, Mohammad Al-Sisi and Mohammad Isa defended the amendments, while Kulthum Al-Hayiki, Mahmoud Al-Bahraini, Hisham Al-Ashiri and Abdulnabi Salman approved them. 

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