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MP: No More Gov't Electricity Subsidies in Four Years

2019-04-08 - 8:22 p

Bahrain Mirror: Member of the Finance and Economic Committee, MP Ahmed Al-Salloum, said that the electricity and water authority works on plan to zero out the amount of governmental support provided to citizens' bills by 2030, according to the Minister of Electricity and Water Abdulhasan Mirza during the last meeting that gathered the joint committee of Shura Council and House of Representatives with the government.

Al-Salloum explained in a statement to the Al-Ayam local that according to the assurances of Minister of Electricity to the MPs, there will not be a zero out plan of governmental support amount for electricity through increasing electricity tariffs on the subsidized accounts or merchants, indicating that the ministry plan will depend on promoting the use of clean energy to achieve the goal of zero government support for bills in 2023.

Al-Salloum noted that government support for subsidized accounts amounted to 141 million dinars a year, and that according to the minister, no changes in electricity and water tariffs would be made in the next four years.

The member of the Finance Committee said that, according to the minister, the Electricity and Water Authority has been able to collect 300 million dinars of electricity and water bills, noting that they will be used in the development of networks and stations and the payment of deferred dues to the authority.

Al-Salloum said the electricity authority relies on private companies to produce 80% of the electricity, while 20% is produced by the ministry.

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