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Saudi Teachers Sent to Teach in Bahraini Schools, Ministry Says Saudi Arabia Takes Responsibility for their Salaries

2019-04-02 - 6:51 am

Bahrain Mirror: The public relations director in Bahrain's Ministry of Education, Fawwaz Al-Shorouqi, confirmed that Saudi Arabia sent a number of teachers to work in Bahraini schools and said that their salaries and allocations are given by Saudi Arabia.

He stated that Saudi Arabia has been providing Bahrain with long-term support in the educational sector.

The Saudi ambassador said in a statement last month that his country had sent 274 teachers and supervisors in the educational field under the administration of education ministries in the two countries. Regarding the possible shortage that can be caused in Bahrain's schools after the voluntary retirement, he said "if Bahrain demands teachers, I think Saudi Arabia will study the need and will do its best to help Bahrain at any time."

The Education Minister Majid Al-Nuaimi said in a statement to a local newspaper that the opening date for employment door in the ministry is linked to the Civil Service Bureau and that the ministry is communicating and coordinating with the bureau in this regard.

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