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Germany Sells Bahrain €16.2 Million Worth of Arms

2019-03-30 - 4:04 am

Bahrain Mirror: The German Federal government approved nearly €400 million arms exports to the coalition countries in war on Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the German government approved 9 permits for arms sales to Bahrain worth about €16.2 million, according to the German news agency.

This approval comes despite human rights warnings from different international organizations of the heinous crimes and the siege imposed by these states on Yemen since a number of years.

"Der Spiegel" magazine reported that three quarter of the exports will go to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab States. Saudi Arabia established this coalition in 2015. It is noteworthy that these two states are the most taking part in the war on Yemen. Saudi Arabia uses about 100 aircraft in its war on Yemen.

The first year's permits granted to these two states together constitute three quarter of the exports amounting to a total of €398 million to the coalition. UAE was granted 68 permits totaling €57 million and Saudi Arabia 10 permits worth €255 million. This; however, was before November 2018.

As for the other member states in the coalition, millions of euros were also approved: Kuwait (65 permits totaling €47.7 million), Bahrain (9 / €16.2 million), Egypt (35 / €11.8 million) and Jordan (19 / €11.3 million). Even for Senegal, two exports worth around €55,000 were approved, except for Yemen itself, which did not have export permits.

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