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Education Minister to Parliamentary Committee: Employment Door to Open after Ministry Restructuring

2019-03-28 - 7:35 p

Bahrain Mirror: Financial and Economic Affairs Committee member, MP Ahmed Al-Salloum quoted the Education Minister Majid Al-Nuaimi as saying that the ministry will open the employment door after finishing the restructuring process.

Al-Salloum said in a statement to the Al-Ayam newspaper that the aim behind the meeting of the joint committee between the Shura Council and House of Representatives with the Education Minister is to ensure that the quality of education and the ministry's projects will not be affected by the austerity in the new budget.

He pointed out that the minister explained in response to queries during the meeting that the cost of teaching the student at the primary level is 2191 BD, and at the elementary level is 2392 dinars, while it reaches about 2,500 dinars at the secondary level and 3220 BD at the industrial secondary level. Meanwhile, the teaching cost of the student at the University of Bahrain is 2200 BD, 1800 BD of which is supported by the Government, and that of the student in Bahrain Polytechnic is 6,500 BD.

The Financial and Economic Affairs Committee member said that the number of students in private schools in Bahrain, according to the minister, is 89,000, compared to 145,000 students in public schools.

Al-Salloum indicated that private-sector schools, attracting 89,000 students per year, saves about 200 million BD from the state budget annually.

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