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Khalifa bin Salman Tours Sanabis and Some Manama Neighborhoods

2019-03-27 - 4:33 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, 85, toured on Monday (March 25, 2019) the village of Sanabis and the Marouzan area. He also toured some neighborhoods of the capital Manama on Tuesday.

Local newspapers said Khalifa bin Salman's tour in Sanabis came for the purpose of observing the service and development projects that were launched in that area, adding that he met with citizens during the tour.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by Minister of Works and Municipalities Isam Khalaf.

Shiite citizens in the country complain that their areas are deprived of services and housing projects, in addition to the high rates of unemployment among them, and their marginalization in relation to employment in government posts, especially senior and middle positions.

After the visit, the newspapers said that the PM ordered to study launching a housing project serving the Sanabis area and urgently meet the housing demands in the area, instructing the Ministry of Housing in coordination with the Ministry of Works to do the task, in addition to studying the requirements of the service demands of the population there and report thereon to the Council of Ministers.

In Manama, the PM inspected a number of heritage, religious, historical and commercial sites. He met with citizens and some of the region's pioneers. He also visited the Muhammed Mosque, whose reconstruction he previously ordered.


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