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Prisoner Phoned “Tell Al-Wefaq, I’m dying”

2012-08-05 - 10:43 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Mohammed Sahwan's family, from sanabis area, raised the alaram regarding their son health condition. They said that he had phoned them screaming “I’m dying” in an indication to his injury of 80 pellets of birds gunshot mostly in his head and neck.

Salih Sahwan, his cousin, said that Mohammed appealed to transfer his critical health condition news to Al-Wefaq saying: "Talk, spread the word, and tell Al-Wefaq that I'm no longer able to bear" in reference to the severe bouts of pain. He explained that he had run out of the drugs he took to mitigate his pains. He asked the prison authorities to provide him with more of them, but they rejected. Moreover, he said that he tried to contact his lawyer to inform her about this matter but he could not due to her travel.

Yesterday, in response to that news, a group of protesters launched an attack on the riot police vehicles and they called their operation “The Wounded Revolutionist” to honour Mohammed Sahwan.

Mohammed Sahwan, 37, is one of the accused in a case known as "Qatar Cell" which the authorities claimed that the “Cell” was planning to blast the bridge connecting Bahrain to Saudi Arabia and to attack vital areas. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. However, his lawyer stated that "no evidence was produced to support that claim, all what was presented confessions extracted under torture”.

Furthermore, his lawyer asserted that "Mohammed and his friends were tortured, after Qatar had extradited them to the Bahraini authorities". Mohammed Sahwan had left Bahrain to Qatar for treatment of his severe injury, before being stopped by the Customs Authorities in Qatar and extradited him to Bahrain.

Mohammed Sahwan was arrested in 1990s uprising and sentenced to 15 years in prison. However, he was released in 2002 during the general amnesty after spending about five years in of them.


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