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Prosecution Says It Launched "Extensive Investigation" into "Hamad Town School" Case

2019-03-27 - 6:18 p

Bahrain Mirror: Capital Prosecution Chief, Nawaf Al-Awadhi, said that it launched an extensive investigation into what is known as "Hamad Town School Case" for girls, which was raised in a widely circulated video that revealed promoting pharmaceutical drug and practicing immoral acts in the school.

Sharifa Siwar, holds a PhD in Psychotherapy, disclosed a critical case when she spoke of a network that promotes narcotic pills in Hamad Town Intermediate Girls School. The Bahraini community was shocked by the information Dr. Sharifa exposed live via her Instagram account in a conversation between her and a student who was expelled from school over the charge of promoting the Lyrica drug.

The video that was circulated on social media outlets sparked a sensation among people and turned to be the public opinion's first case in Bahrain this week.

The effects of the video reached the Cabinet session held on Monday (March 25, 2019) in which PM Khalifa bin Salman ordered the formation a high-level committee, under the chairmanship of Deputy Premier, Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa.

The Public Prosecution claimed that out of its role in preserving the rights and interests of society would take all necessary procedures, in line with its legal mandate, to uncover the truth and identify all those involved in the crime.

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