New Information: Al Khalifa Family Shaikh and Officer Involved in Hamad Town School Case

Sharifa Siwar
Sharifa Siwar

2019-03-26 - 3:01 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Sharifa Siwar, holds a PhD in Psychotherapy, disclosed a critical case when she spoke of a network that promotes narcotic pills in Hamad Town Intermediate Girls School.

The Bahraini community was shocked by the information Dr. Sharifa exposed live via her Instagram account in a conversation between her and a student who was expelled from school over the charge of promoting the Lyrica drug.

One of the top students at the school, Rukaya, revealed that she had fell victim to a large drug cartel, after someone threatened her at gunpoint to cooperate with the group that would promote the pills inside the school.

The student also revealed that there are gangs practicing immoral acts inside the school.

The Ministry of Education only took some timid measures, including the suspension of two students for a full academic year.

Siwar pointed out that among the people behind the gang are influential figures.

According to new information, one of the individuals involved was a member of the ruling Al Khalifa family and another was an Interior Ministry officer.

The criminal investigation department summoned Dr. Siwar and interrogated her regarding the information she mentioned in her live stream with the student, Rukayah.

She said that the criminal investigation department were furious at the statement of Rukayah's brother who said that "an influential official at the criminal investigation department closed the case."

The student has expressed fear of reprisals from the real parties promoting the drug.

The Ministry of Interior said that the General Directorate of Anti-Corruption and Economic & Electronic Security has summoned everyone involved in the case, indicating that it had not received any report about the case earlier.

"The statements of those in the video have been taken and investigations are ongoing," it said, adding that "no one is above the law which applies to everyone without exception."

Noting that it will keep the public informed with developments and latest information about the case, it urged people not to circulate false information that might be defamatory to any of the parties involved in the case.

The Ministry of Interior's statement confirms that it has not received any complaint from the Ministry of Education, which confirms the accusations made against it that it has been covering up the case that has stirred the Bahraini public opinion.

An academic source told Bahrain Mirror that the Education Ministry deliberately hides such heinous acts under the pretext of not wanting to affect the educational and psychological conditions of the students, but to public opinion, this is a big fallacy.

"Such an issue should be quietly referred to the criminal investigation," he added. "You are not facing a school behavioral problem, but rather a serious felony involving people outside the school walls."

He wondered "how the ministry could merely carry out an administrative investigation and impose the regulation of discipline on a student who fell victim to the influence of a gang and threats by a weapon!"

"They were only looking out for their own interests and image as officials having everything under control."

He went on to say that "Ministry of Education Undersecretary Fawzi Al-Jowder said that the Ministry has briefed the competent authorities on this incident. Who would these parties be other than the family and child prosecution or the Ministry of Interior?"

Both the Ministries of Education and Interior are under immense pressure to provide a complete explanation on the case. This is not just about the student victims, but rather about the gang standing behind the smuggling and promotion of the drug, which is being sold without a medical prescription.

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