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MoI Said It Hasn't Received Notice about Hamad Town School Case

2019-03-25 - 7:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: Ministry of Interior denied receiving a notice regarding what Dr. Sharifa Siwar had raised about gangs promoting Lyrica drug inside Hamad Town Intermediate Girls School.

The ministry said that with reference to a video in circulation featuring a group of people talking about the expulsion of girl students from a school for selling prescription medicine Lyrica, the General Directorate of Anti-corruption and Economic & Electronic Security has taken action and summoned everyone involved in the case. The department said it had not received any report about the case earlier.

The statements of those in the video have been taken and the investigation will continue. The directorate said that no one was above the law which was applicable to everyone without exception.

The department will keep the public informed with the updates and the latest information about the case. People are urged not to circulate false information that might be defamatory to any of those involved in the case.

The directorate said that circulating any report without verifying the truth was a punishable offence since it disturbed public order and was defamatory, especially if the case involved children. It is important to seek information only from reliable sources it said.

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