Bahrain's Non-Oil Exports Reached 248 Million Dinars in February

2019-03-23 - 7:51 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's total non-oil exports amounted to 248 million dinars in February, annual data of the Customs Affairs Authority showed.

The same data showed that Saudi Arabia ranked first with 60.8 million dinars, followed by the Emirates with 36.34 million and the US with about 26.2 million.

The value of exports of national origin reached about 176.8 million dinars during the past month.

Saudi Arabia acquired the largest share of exports of national origin with 43.9 million dinars, then the UAE with 25.15 million dinars, and finally the US with 24.8 million dinars.

In terms of non-oil exports, the data showed that Bahrain's total non-oil exports reached 349.93 million dinars with the end of February.

China ranked first in terms of volume of imports to Bahrain, which amounted to 53.67 million dinars. Australia came in second place with 43.01 million dinars, India came in third place with 23.62 million dinars, and the US came in fourth place with 22.37 million dinars.

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