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Bahrainis Face New System of Repression which Saudi Ambassador Take Part in: Baqer Darwish

2019-03-22 - 8:46 p

Bahrain Mirror: President of Bahrain Forum for Human Rights Baqer Darwish commented on a report published by Bahrain Mirror regarding the interference of Saudi ambassador in supporting the treason campaign and calling for oppressing Bahrainis who expressed their views on the dire situation in their country and their criticism on bringing teachers from Saudi Arabia instead of hiring Bahraini unemployed teachers.

Darwish said via his Twitter account "there is a new pattern of repression in Bahrain, confronting public discontent with various components of employment policies and the worsening of housing crisis and the intensification of the economic crisis, in directing the government media to incite against the disgruntled, but it is strange that due to the power weakness it needs the Saudi ambassador to help with the mission of repression."

"It is remarkable that the state media is working towards shifting any state of discontent of the public opinion to the taboo zone, and that any similar resentment of the state's policies means similarity with those who the authorities consider to be "traitors" only because they are demanding social justice and expressing their opinion. This is how they work to abolish the public opinion."

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