Court Upholds 3-Year in Prison Term against Defendant Accused of Assembling in Tubli

Criminal Court
Criminal Court

2019-03-20 - 10:14 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Criminal Court of Appeal upheld a three-year prison sentence against a defendant over charges of assembling in Tubli.

The first instance court had sentenced three defendants to five years in prison, while three others were sentenced to three years in case involving assembling and planting fake bomb on the service road in the Tubli area.

The authorities claim that all defendants on 16 January 2016:

First: Deliberately started a fire endangering people's lives and properties for a terrorist purpose.

Second: Planted along with unknown in a public place a replica of explosives, for a terrorist purpose.

Third: Acquired and had possession of Molotov cocktails to endanger the lives and properties of people.


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