Ali Al-Binali Sentenced to 3-Year Prison Term, Fined 1.000 BD in New Fraud Cases worth over 2M

2019-03-19 - 9:13 p

Bahrain Mirror: The minor criminal court sentenced unionist Ali Al-Binali to 3 years in prison and 1,000 BD bail for suspending the execution of the sentence over charges of defrauding a large group of victims, by claiming that they were participating in gold and jewelry investment and deceiving them into signing debt bonds worth 5,000 BD each. The total number of the bonds amounted to 429, with a total value exceeding 2 million BD.

The court fined Al-Binali 1,000 BD and set a bail of 1,000 BD to suspend the execution of sentence. It also convicted another person and his wife for helping Al-Binali in his fraud crime. The court sentenced these two suspects to one year in jail, set 500 BD bail to suspend the execution of their sentence and fined each of them 1,000 BD.

It was reported that a group of women were fraud by first defendant through the help of the third defendant and her husband "the second defendant", after the three defendants learned that these woman are in need of money. The crime started as the third defendant starts to communicate with the women, and tell them that there is an investment project in gold and jewelries, and that those who want to work and get a fixed monthly salary of 300 dinars have to communicate with her (the third suspect).

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