Court Upholds Life Term Sentences against Two Defendants in Political Case

2019-03-14 - 7:21 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Appeals Court upheld life term sentences against two suspects in a political case and fined them 500 BD.

The authorities accuse both suspects, along with a third one, in a case of shooting police, training on the use of arms and manufacturing explosives in Iraq.

The authorities claim that the first and third suspects trained in Iraq camps in 2017, in coordination with the fourth suspect, and that the first and second suspects acquired arms and explosives in Bahrain and transferred them to other people.

According to the authorities, the fourth suspect who resides outside Bahrain tasked the first and second suspects with attacking police in Manama. The authorities claim that the two suspects fired against the security men near the camp on 19/6/2017.

The first and second suspects appealed the ruling in the appeals court, which accepted both appeals in form, rejected them in substance and upheld the verdict.

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