Court Orders Former MP Ahmad Qarata to Pay 110,000 BD to Gasoline Station

2019-03-12 - 8:11 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Civilian Court ordered former MP Ahmad Qarata to pay 110,000 BD for a company that owns a gasoline station; the costs of gasoline a transportation company owned by Qarata received over two years and didn't pay for. It also ordered him to pay 2% delay interest from the date of filing the lawsuit until he pays the total sum as well as the attorney's fees.  

Lawyer May Al-Juwaisar, attorney of the gasoline station company, said that the former MP owns a public transportation firm and had agreed with the company to make use of its services to provide his company's vehicles with gasoline and pay the total within one month. Accordingly, the company provided his firm with petroleum, however, he didn't pay his dues from October 2016 until June 2018, which amounts to 110,533 BD.

The court ruled that he pay the plaintiff 110,533 BD with expedited enforceability and 10% of the legal interest from the due date until the sum is fully paid and ordered him to pay the expenses and the attorney's fees.

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