Court Upholds 7-Year Jail Term against Defendant Accused of Beating Youth Claiming He is Informant

2019-03-08 - 8:48 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Appeals Criminal Court upheld 7-year jail term against Bahraini convicted, along with 3 others, of kidnapping a youth, beating him in Dar Kulaib farm and forcing him to confess in front of a video camera that he is an informant and posting the video on website of "Bahraini uprising intelligence".

The authorities claim that the fourth suspect (the appellant) assigned the first suspect to kidnap the victim after knowing that he is an informant. The first suspect agreed and was helped by the second and the third. The first suspect received a video camera from the fourth one in order to videotape the incident and publish it on website of "Bahraini uprising intelligence". Then, the three suspects met the first one and took the third suspect's car and headed to Shahrakan area. When they saw the victim, the first suspect ordered the second and third suspects to kidnap him. They caught him, covered his face and brought him to the car driven by the first suspect. The suspects headed to one of the rooms in Dar Kulaib village. The second suspect investigated the victim, who admitted that he is an informant. The suspects hit the victim on different parts of his body, and the first suspect videotaped the incident.

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