Court Upholds 3-Year Jail Term against Suspect Accused of Assembling in Al-Nuaim

2019-03-05 - 8:12 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fifth High Criminal Appeals Court objected the appeals of a suspect out of 3 accused of assembling and upheld the 3-year jail term against him.

The first instance court had sentenced the second suspect to 5 years in jail and the first (the appellant) and third suspects to 3 years in jail due to their younng age when they were convicted.

The authorities claim that a group of protestors gathered behind Al-Nuaim police station and blocked the street on April 4, 2013. After a police patrol headed to the protest place, the protestors targeted it with Molotov.

The authorities say that they reached the first suspect through investigations and that he confessed about the rest of suspects during investigations.

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