Life Sentences and 15-Year Prison Terms Handed down to Defendants for “Forming Revolution Intelligence Agency”

2019-03-04 - 10:44 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Criminal Appeal Court in Bahrain rejected the appeal of eight convicts in a case known as the "Secret Intelligence Agency of the Revolution in Bahrain (SIA)".

The Court upheld the life sentence of the first defendant for the charges raised against him and the imprisonment of 5 appellants to 15 years, in addition to upholding the 10-year prison sentence issued against two other defendants. However, four other convicts have not appealed the sentence issued against them, since the authorities haven't succeeded in arresting them yet.

The Public Prosecution accuses the defendants of forming a group for the purpose of catching and kidnapping persons suspected of collaborating with the security services, and detaining them to extract their confessions through torture and coercion, charges which the defendants deny.


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