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Civil Service Bureau Denies Opening Door for Employment

2019-03-04 - 2:32 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Civil Service Bureau in Bahrain denied the message circulated via social media, claiming the door has been opened for the reception of applications for job vacancies in the government sector. The Bureau stressed that it was incorrect and was not issued by the Bureau.

It further stated that the announcement of vacant posts would be through the publication of an official announcement in the local press about the job and its academic and practical requirements at the request of the concerned party.

He explained that the Job Information Unit of the Civil Service Bureau receives applications for employment throughout the year and saves them in the records of job seekers in the public sector, adding that updating the application takes place two years after the date of submitting the application.

The Civil Service Bureau noted that all employment announcements are published in local newspapers and in the media accounts of the Bureau (@csb_bh) and called on citizens to take information from their official source.


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