Appeal Court Upholds Death Penalty Handed down to Asian Nationals in Another Murder Case

2019-03-01 - 5:34 am

Bahrain Mirror: The High Court of Appeal upheld the death sentence issued against two Asian nationals convicted of killing another Bengali citizen and disposing of his body by placing it in a large bag and dumping it next to a garbage dump in Manama in April 2013, the case referred for a second time from the Court of Cassation.

The incident was discovered when cleaners found a bag near a garbage container in Manama containing the corpse. It was reported to the police and interrogations were conducted. It was revealed that two of the victim's friends were his killers. They confessed to the crime during interrogations. The first defendant said he had come to Bahrain and worked in many fields. After a period of time, he said he met the second defendant and they met two women. They rented a two-room house and brought customers to the two girls to practice prostitution with their consent.

After a while, the victim came as a customer and had sex with one of the women. He asked them to leave her with him and threatened them, so they decided to get rid of him. One day before the crime, they bought two knives and a cleaver. They then lured the victim to have sex with the woman. After that they took him to the upper room, gagged, tied his hands, and then one of them hung him on the ceiling fan with the help of the other, until he died. They bought a large bag, put the body in it and dumped it outside the house after stealing the victim's wallet which contained 22 dinars and two mobile phones. The two defendants have pleaded guilty to the crime.


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