Appeals Court Upholds 5-Year Jail Term against Suspect Accused of Burning Tires in Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah Street

2019-03-02 - 8:43 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Criminal Appeals Court rejected the appeals of a youth out of two accused of assembling and burning tires and upheld his 5-year jail verdict. Meanwhile, the second suspect appealed his ruling earlier which was also upheld.

The authorities claimed that they received a notice claiming that the first suspect sustained burns in different parts of his body.

The authorities allege that their investigations showed that his burns are due to his participation in an assembly and deliberately burning tires, along with other unknowns, in Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah Street.

The authorities accused the two suspects of deliberately setting, along with other unknowns, fire to movables, which would put people's lives and properties to danger, taking part, along with other unknowns, in an assembly of more than 5 persons for a terrorist aim as well as acquiring, along with other unknowns, Molotov aiming at using them to put people lives and money to danger.

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