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Severe Conflict between Gulf Air and Newspaper owned by King's Advisor due to Canceling Company's Flights

2019-02-28 - 10:59 am

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Ayam newspaper, owned by the Bahraini King's advisor Nabil Al-Hamar, said that Gulf Air Executive Vice President Waleed Al-Alawi threatened the newspaper to sever ties, stop all dealings with the company and cut off advertisements and subscriptions because of what it called "doing its journalistic duty when it published the news of cancellation of Gulf Air flights".

Gulf Air denied the newspaper's news which said that hundreds of passengers were stranded at the airports after the cancellation of the Gulf Air company's flights, and said that the passengers were not neglected, and that its team was keen to transport all passengers on alternative flights on the same day of their travel.

Al-Ayam newspaper said that Al-Alawi threatened in a phone call with its editor-in-chief Isa Al-Shayeji to file a lawsuit against A-Ayam newspaper for allegedly falsifying the facts.

Al-Shayeji said that Gulf Air is a national company and not a property of an individual, and that it is the duty of the newspaper to enlighten public opinion and publish facts, stressing that Al-Alawi's threats will not stop the newspaper from performing its duty.

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