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7 Bahraini Detainees Face Death if King Approves their Death Penalties: SALAM Releases List

2019-02-28 - 1:49 am

Bahrain Mirror: London-based Salam for Democracy and Human Rights published on Tuesday February 26, 2019, a list including the names of political prisoners sentenced to death in Bahrain.

According to the list published by the organization on its website, the judicial system in Bahrain, issued 36 death penalties against political activists, and three of which have been executed already on January 15, 2017 against: Abbas Al-Samie, Sami Mushaima and Ali Al-Singace.

Based on the list, there are currently final death sentences pending the ratification of the King of Bahrain, issued against seven citizens, six of whom imprisoned and one located outside the country. Eight citizens, among those sentenced to death, are also located outside the country.


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