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Number of Bahrainis in Tourism Sector Drops from 57% to Only 16%

2019-02-26 - 4:46 am

Bahrain Mirror: The number of Bahrainis working in the tourism sector has dropped from 57% of the total number of employees in the sector to only 16% at the moment, said Vice Chairman of the Tourism and Hospitality Committee at the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ibrahim Al-Kooheji.

Kooheji considered that the percentage was affected by the absence of colleges and institutes, schools specialized in the tourism sector, unlike the previous situation.

For his part, President of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) Samir Nass said that the tourism sector needs a comprehensive national strategic plan, in order to promote tourism in Bahrain and raise its contribution to the gross domestic product of the country.

"What some countries, such as the UAE and others, have achieved was due to comprehensive national plans," he said at the weekly meeting of the Chamber's committees, noting that "Dubai, for example, has plans to raise the number of visitors to 250,000 a day.


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