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Bahrainis are Minority in Labor Market: Third in Place after Indian and Bengali Nationals

2019-02-19 - 12:37 am

Bahrain Mirror: The number of Indian foreign workers in Bahrain working in the private sector reaches about a quarter of a million, specifically 223,998 Indian workers, according to official statistics, thus making the Indian community the largest working force among the nationals residing in the Bahrain, who have been brought to the kingdom from 161 countries.

The total number of private sector employees in Bahrain, according to the Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA), is 597,465, with 531,526 males and 65,939 females.

According to the figures, Bengali labor ranks second in terms of the number of foreign workers, with 154,740 workers. Meanwhile, Bahrain's national workforce comes in third place in the private sector with 90,547 Bahrainis, with 60,572 males and 29,975 females.

Pakistani nationals ranked fourth with 45,346 workers, followed by Filipino workforce with 30,633 workers, while the Nepalese workforce came in sixth place with 14,912 workers.

Egypt came at the top of the Arab list in terms of exporting workforce to Bahrain, with 5,825 Egyptian workers, followed by Yemen with 2,091 workers, Jordan with 1,949 workers, Syria with 1,273 workers, Morocco with 1,254 workers, Sudan with 930 workers, and then Lebanon with 881 workers.

Statistics show that the number of foreign workers from the United Kingdom in Bahrain amounts to 2,249, while the number of workers from the United States of America reached 906.

Across the GCC, the figures show that 315 Saudis currently work in Bahrain, along with 130 Omanis, 24 Kuwaitis, 7 Emiratis and 5 Qatari nationals.


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