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Parliamentarian Urges Stopping Flexible Work Permits, Says they’re "Unfair" Competition for Citizens

2019-02-17 - 12:14 am

Bahrain Mirror: MP Ahmad Al-Salloum called on the government to stop issuing flexible work permits, which is granted by the the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) to non-organized workforce.

"Flexible visa holders in Bahrain fall in an area that is not legally defined," Al-Salloum said. "They do not meet the definition of an employer or worker, because they are neither entities nor employers, nor are they workers of a specific party. They do not fit the definition of an employer or worker as stipulated by the law; therefore we demand the suspension of this type of employment visas."

"Their dissemination as street vendors at traffic lights, in the streets and in front of the houses of worship is a non-civilized scene, and they are considered unfair competition for the country's citizens as well as licensed and registered companies, not to mention the fact that their merchandise are not subject to any kind of control," he added.

In the same framework, Al-Salloum on Thursday asked Minister of Labor and Social Development Jameel bin Mohammed Humaidan about the "flexible Visa" system introduced recently by the Labor Market Authority.

In his question, he asked the Minister for clarification on the legal basis for granting foreign workers a flexible work permit, and whether these workers apply to the definition of specified in the law. He also asked what is meant by a person qualified to work and reside in the Kingdom of Bahrain without an employer according to the Labor Market Regulatory Authority, and how one worker can work for a number of employers.


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