Craig Foster: Man who Defeated Diplomacy of Torture Country in Gulf

2019-02-15 - 9:01 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini people had to wait seven years to get the chance to meet the Australian Craig Foster, the man who does not know despair, a football player who does not tire, a brave and confident heart with a solid will.

He's a man raised to trust himself and his homeland. He skillfully deals with media outlets the same way he dealt with football when he was the Australian team coach. Craig Foster embodies the character of a hero, who fights until the end and wins.

On January 22, Foster visited Hakeem Al-Araibi in his prison in Thailand. Then, he came out to the media with tearful eyes. "I spent a considerable amount of time with Hakeem, enough to see what a wonderful young man he is; and how devastated he is that his football career in recent years has been lost," Foster said.

Hakeem said in the interview "I need you guys to win," and Foster answered "I think we will win".

From that moment on, the former Australian player's put his mind to championing Hakeem. He returned home to Australia and started his intensified communications, which led to spreading the case inside the Australian community. He did not stop appearing in the media, both inside and outside Australia, on television, radio, newspapers, and social media platforms.

The movement triggered a huge tsunami wave launched on the Thai authorities, who got tired of Al-Araibi at the end, and had to release him after informing Bahrain about their decision.

On January 14, the Bahraini king celebrated with the Foreign Minister and senior ministry officials the golden jubilee of Bahraini diplomacy. It was an empty ceremony, as this ministry, which has 18 embassies around the world, with all its bribery and corruption, fell in front of an Australian man named Craig Foster. One man defeated the barren 50-year diplomacy.

The man who ran a massive lobbying campaign that stretched out into the corridors of FIFA, and touched and cornered everyone, except for Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa, who was a mirror reflecting his ruling family, so he remained defiant fighting for his position alone, hoping to imprison Hakeem and torture him at the hands of his family members' Fidawis, who are now called officers in the Ministry of Interior. However, Craig Foster disappointed Salman bin Ebrahim cruising his hopes.

Australia's meaning to Bahrainis has changed forever, and of course in the heart of Hakeem Al-Araibi, who said upon his return "I will be strong for Australia. I love Australia. It is my country".

Bahrainis wish their country becomes like Australia. This is a fact and not an exaggeration. A democratic country that elects its government and keeps an eye on it through a real parliament, along with state bodies that monitor and fight corruption, an independent judiciary that can prosecute the most senior politician in the state, credible civil society institutions, and independent media that discusses everything without the restrictions of any red lines.

It is the wish of every Bahraini to become like you Mr. Craig Foster, a human who trusts his country and loves it, and a citizen who reflects a brilliant and good image of his people, who filled the Bahraini people's hearts with joy and gratitude as they followed the huge campaigns and donations dedicated to Al-Arabi's case that were launched by the Australian people.

A Bahraini, who tweets under a fake name fearing the regime's punishment, wrote on his page: "Thank you Craig Foster. This noble man with his tears, touched by Hakeem's story, and his efforts to release him gave a free lesson on humanity to hateful people." Today everyone says: Thank you Craig Foster.

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