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Hakeem Al-Araibi Meets Australian Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Today

2019-02-14 - 6:23 p

Bahrain Mirror: Media outlets said that the released Bahraini footballer flew to Canberra to Meet Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.

There are also plans for Al-Araibi to take part in a soccer match on the grounds of Parliament House along with former Socceroo and Matildas captains Craig Foster and Kate Gill, an Australian news website announced.

Al-Araibi's detention attracted high-profile global attention, after he was arrested based on an extradition request from Bahrain. However, the great international pressure on Bangkok made it cancel the extradition, although it started its procedures.

Media outlets said that one of the Australian parties lost a bid for a parliamentary inquiry into Al-Araibi's detention.

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