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Australia Supported Hakeem the Human Being While Bahrain Gov’t Tried to Violate his Humanity, Says Former MP

Former Bahraini MP Ali Al-Aswad
Former Bahraini MP Ali Al-Aswad

2019-02-12 - 8:34 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Government of Bahrain demanded returning Hakeem Al-Araibi back to prison from Thailand while the Australian authorities return the FIFA player to Australian territory and will grant him citizenship in recognition of his efforts, said former Bahraini member of parliament Ali Al-Aswad. "A thousand thanks to all those who worked on the case, namely Craig Foster, the Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (GIDHR), and all the athletes from around the world who voiced solidarity [with Hakeem]."

In a series of tweets on his official page, Al-Aswad said that: "In this case, the government of Australia defended Hakeem, the human being, while the government of Bahrain violates human rights every day and does not hesitate in its oppression and persecution, relying on the support of neighboring countries and the international and regional silence. Here is a different example, as the Australian people helped the Bahraini Hakeem prevail. Thank you for all efforts ».

The former MP wondered what the Bahraini government has achieved from prosecuting the FIFA player other than more light shed on the violations against athletes since 2011, the punishment and torture of activists? "The rule of the tribe cannot continue as its leaders want for its citizens to be subjects to the rule of the Shaikhs," he added.

Concluding his comments, he said: "The people of Bahrain shall always have pride and dignity and achieve victory against tyranny and monopolization of governance. There is no one who accepts being a slave to a ruler or subjugated by a president or minister. The era of the sovereignty of the tribal shaikhs who love collecting sheep and camels is over. We live in a civilized world where the minimum of rights is the peaceful transfer of power as in monarchies."


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