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To Save Face, FM Hands to Australian Ambassador Hakeem Al-Araibi Extradition Request Documents

2019-02-12 - 7:38 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Minister of Foreign Affairs Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa received on Monday (February 11, 2019) the Ambassador of Australia to the Kingdom of Bahrain, residing in Riyadh, Ridwaan Jadwat. 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs presented the Ambassador a memorandum containing relevant court documents related to the extradition of Hakeem Al-Araibi, including the international arrest warrant issued against him.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed the Kingdom of Bahrain's keenness to enhance bilateral cooperation with Australia, noting that such cases would not negatively impact relations between the two countries, which continue to develop in various fields.

This step comes as face-saving for the government that lost battle of getting Al-Araibi back, after the Thai attorney general decided to release him and allow his return to Australia. 

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