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On 9th Anniv. of Feb. 14th, Al-Wefaq Says: We Continue with Determination in Demanding Achieving sovereignty of People

2019-02-06 - 9:50 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society launched its slogan, "We Continue with determination," in commemoration of the start of the movement that began on February 14, 2011.

Al-Wefaq said that this movement is still going without regression or hesitation. It also asserted that this movement has become more firmly established and transformed into a reality that cannot be sidestepped or overcome except by responding to the people's will.

The society stressed that the course of history and the values of heaven and earth compel its people to have perseverance, steadfastness, patience and endurance, and to continue without stopping or turning around, stressing on mobilization, vitality, courage, and overcoming all obstacles.

"Thus, we continue with our demands and our movement and everything that can express our demands and needs according to the limits and considerations we have adopted since the first day of our movement," Al-Wefaq added.

"We continue with unwavering determination, continuous pluck, un-weary will and a patriotic spirit charged with loyalty to Bahrain, all its people and every grain of sand in it," the society further said. It also stressed on defending Bahrain's national identity, which is in danger of extinction, and combating all forms of corruption and injustice that is spread in all of Bahrain's sectors, institutions and authorities by the corrupt people and the criminals in security, economic, administrative, political or social spheres.

Al-Wefaq added that the corrupt people and the criminals work day and night so that the Bahraini citizen becomes worthless and weightless and Bahrain turns into a private property, in which they ruin everything. Al-Wefaq further said that Bahrain is deteriorating before its people in a frightening and terrifying way, and the future has become hazy and holds more deterioration, lack of vision or national project and a decline in all international, regional and local indicators.

It stressed that the masses and the huge crowds that took to the streets in February and March 2011 still all have the same stance, asserting that those who did not show solidarity in that period are now more convinced of the need for change and for the people to be the source of all authorities, after everyone felt the major challenges that besiege the country and the citizen because of the authorities' corruption, tyranny, recklessness and aggression.

"After paying this high price and making enormous sacrifices in terms of individuals and the country itself, our great people, are ready to continue with the determination that their religion, patriotism, humanity, values and Bahrain's historical integrity compel them to have," Al-Wefaq concluded.

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