Appeals: 7-Year Jail Term handed down to Suspect Accused of Planting Locally Made Bomb near Damistan Camp

2019-02-06 - 9:30 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Appeals Court rejected, in absentia, the appeals of a youth accused of attempting to detonate a locally made bomb, and upheld the 7-year jail term against him.

The authorities claim that on September 22, 2014, unknowns put a strange body near Damistan camp and fled.

When the strange body was examined, it was noted that it was a cylinder that contains flammable substance and electric wires connected to a mobile phone.

The authorities say that they took DNA samples from the bomb but couldn't find matching ones in their database expect after 4 years of the incident. The suspect was arrested in another blast case and was sentenced to life in prison over this case.  

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