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American Foreign Policy Adds Nabeel Rajab to List of Global Thinkers

2019-01-24 - 9:43 p

Bahrain Mirror: The American Foreign Policy magazine added Nabeel Rajab to a list of 100 figures whom it described as global thinkers and doers who had a profound impact on the planet in the last 12 month.

Rajab's addition to this list came due to readers' opinions.

The magazine said that Nabeel Rajab played a leading role in Bahrain's 2011 pro-democracy uprising but has been imprisoned for several years for dissent.

"In February 2018, he was sentenced to five years in prison for his tweets documenting torture in Bahrain's prisons. The draconian ruling has been denounced by human rights monitors worldwide," it added.

The magazine continued "he has reportedly been subjected to inhumane conditions and denied medical care in prison. Human rights organizations are campaigning for his release."

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