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Detainee Naji Fateel Suffers Sudden Health Setback, Ali Haji Experiences Worrying symptoms

2019-01-24 - 9:39 p

Bahrain Mirror: Sources from activists reported that human rights defender suffered a health setback on Tuesday night.

The sources said that Fateel suffered from spasms and vomiting and was transferred to the medical clinic in the prison where he was given intravenous feeding.

Detainees Naji Fateel and Ali Haji have entered their 70 days of hunger strike. Naji has stopped all fluids since about a week, which caused him these dangerous complications.

Ali Haji started suffering sclerosis in his body limbs and no longer had the ability to stand for long periods of time, as well as dryness in his throat and stomach acidity.

Fateel and Haji have been on hunger strike since November 15. Thousands of political prisoners complain the ill-treatment in the notorious Jaw Prison.

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