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Union Leader: Foreigners Controlling Bahraini Companies Brought their Relatives after Dominating Employment

2019-01-14 - 4:22 am

Bahrain Mirror: Assistant Secretary-General for General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions Abdelwahed Al-Najjar said "there are some companies controlled by foreigners, thus, Bahraini citizen is not given priority in employment," adding that "the absence of a law requiring priority of employing Bahrainis has led to increased dominance of foreigners in many companies."

He told the Al-Ayyam daily that there are some companies that have achieved an acceptable percentage in Bahrainization, however, this happened in low-level jobs rather than high-level ones, which are dominated by foreigners, although there are Bahrainis who can fill them.

Al-Najjar went on to say that some companies do not have any Bahraini managers. Bahrainis are only hired as workers and in low-level jobs. It has been noted that there are many foreign relatives in the same company.

 "A higher Council for workers and employment should be established to follow up bahrainizing jobs in companies, just like the successful experience of the Supreme Council for Women, which follows women's affairs," he said.

Al-Najjar said that Bahrainis are being excluded, thus, it is necessary to establish higher Council for Bahrainization just like the Supreme Council for Women. There is no law that obliges companies to bahrainize certain jobs and give advantages to the Bahraini citizens. Besides, the presence of foreigner employee has negative repercussions on the long term, because the foreigner employee  only spends a little and sends his money abroad and this harms the national economy.

"There are graduates from all sectors, but they are not employed and given priority, and there is no law that requires employing Bahraini citizens if available," he stated

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