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Labor Ministry Disappoints Citizens Again: Companies and Institutions are not Obliged to Prioritize Bahrainis Employment

2019-01-14 - 12:08 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini Undersecretary of Ministry of Labor Sabah Al-Dosari said that companies and institutions are not obligated to prioritize Bahraini employment, as the Bahraini economy is an open economy.

He said in a statement that disappoints Bahrainis that "companies are not obliged to set specific jobs for Bahrainis," adding that "the ministry seeks, by persuasion, and not by force, to provide jobs for Bahrainis."

Al-Dosari told the Al-Ayam newspaper that "achieving bahrainization differs from one company to another, but no private enterprise or company is exempted from bahrainization."

He further stated that "the ministry works to ensure that Bahraini citizen is the first choice for companies through a package of initiatives and facilities, whether through rehabilitation and training or through a three-year continuous wage support project to employ the Bahraini citizen, in a way that the support in the first year is 70%, and in the second and third year 50% and 30% consecutively." 

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