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AFC President Salman Al Khalifa Rejects Australian Request to Intervene in Favor of Hakeem Al-Araibi

Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa
Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa

2019-01-10 - 4:36 p

Bahrain Mirror: The results of the meeting of Football Federation Australia (FFA) President Chris Nikou with Asian Football Confederation (AFC) President Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa were completely negative, said Yahya Al-Hadid, president of the Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights.

The head of the Gulf Institute, based in Australia, said Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa, the King of Bahrain's cousin, refused to intervene in favor of Hakeem Al-Araibi, whom the Bahraini authorities wants to be handed over from Thailand and imprisoned for 10 years.

"As expected, a very negative attitude by AFC President Salman bin Ibrahim after meeting with the president of the Football Federation Australia, when he mentioned that Hakeem's case is between states and we cannot do anything [about it], which confirms his involvement in the issue," Al-Hadid said on Twitter.

"AFC president, if you believe that Hakeem's case is not your responsibility, you should not think of running again," he said. "You will be hunted by statements of your involvement in the persecution of athletes until the end of your career."


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