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NAO Report: Hiring relatives and Supporting Wages of Employees whose Salaries Exceed 6000 Dinars in "Tamkeen"

2018-12-26 - 4:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: The National Audit Office report on labor fund "Tamkeen" showed the absence of a new minister tasked with monitoring the "Fund's" work after the former Media Minister, who was previously concerned with the "Fund" according to decree number 32 for 2015. This led to the absence of the monitoring role tasked to the minister concerned with the "Fund."

The report also mentioned that the "Fund" supported a number of programs and projects which do not go along with its responsibilities such as supporting a Bahraini physicians' training program in the Ministry of Health and helping 100 Bahrainis acquire their Master's degrees in Public Administration which diverts the "Fund's" primary goals.

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